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Metro Digs Into The Chinese Market

Metro Tow Trucks is pleased to announce our second order within the Chinese domestic market. This is particularly remarkable as we only opened our doors to local orders ten days ago.

The fourteen units range from the INT-2 to the INT-35 and are going to a single local towing operation who intends to mount them on a Chinese chassis. While Metro Tow Trucks' bid was not the lowest available on the domestic market, our products were selected because of our quality, attention to detail and our reputation of honoring warranties.

Even as the major American manufacturers continue to source parts and move production to China, Metro Tow Trucks is the only North American based operation that wholly owns its factory in China. As such, they are able to maintain a tight grasp on the designs and quality control to ensure that their products meet the highest standards.

"I would like to thank our worldwide team for their efforts in Canada, the USA, China and four other nations for the continued success and growth that Metro Tow Trucks is experiencing in 2010. Despite the harsh economic conditions, our expansion is a clear indication that our products are in demand and besting everyone's expectations.", said Webb Wehbe, Metro Tow Trucks CEO.

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About Metro Tow Trucks

Metro Tow Trucks is a wholly owned Canadian Tow Truck manufacturer with facilities in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and Panyu, Guangdong, China. Since 2004, Metro Tow Trucks has been providing high quality, durable wreckers and carriers throughout the Canadian and the United States markets, aiming to offer a superior product at the lowest price on the market. Their product line includes everything from a two ton traditional wrecker to the latest in seventy ton, remote-controlled sliding rotators. Visit them at

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